Greetings and assurances – I’m alive, well, and juggling like crazy.

Thanks so much for stopping by here.  I’m finally making good on a promise I’ve been mouthing for years: I’m redoing my website (wow, give me an A+ for being a grownup).

To answer a few pertinent questions here: Yes, I’m still making school visits, doing workshops, and appearing as a speaker for conferences and organizations.  I’m scheduling now for soon and later, so don’t hesitate to contact me.
If you can’t possibly go another minute without hearing the sound of my voice, call me at 918 298 2980.
If I’m in the studio, I will answer!  :)

To email me and receive a reply from a real, live person (promise!):
Just for fun, here’s a drawing of a recent guest.  It’s a turkey vulture.  He was quite well-behaved.

vulture black whitea sml